How to Find Free Stuff, Contests and Sweepstakes Online

Posted by philipvt
at July 1, 2008

There was a time not too long ago when finding legitimate and easy offers for free stuff, contests and sweepstakes was laborious and time consuming. It often involved searching through magazines and other publications and picking out the free stuff and sweepstakes that looked genuine and easy to participate in. Today, however, thanks to the Internet, finding lots of great free stuff and online contests is a breeze, and it’s much easier for a person to take advantage of some great opportunities to order free samples, win money, and take part in some really fun sweepstakes.

It all starts by performing a good search engine query, and typing in the type of free stuff or online sweepstakes you’re looking for. You would be amazed at how many different contests and free sample offers there are on the Internet, and it’s certain that regardless of your interests, you’ll be able to take part in some sort of opportunity to win prizes. No matter what your tastes, I guarantee that you can find websites that will help you register for contests and offers that could get you lots of free products related to that topic.

When you look for free stuff and sweepstakes sites using search engines, don’t only click on the first few results that show up. Be sure that you at least take a look at the next few pages, as well, because there are plenty of websites that might not show up on the first page, but that still have great opportunities for you to win some great free stuff. As you find new sites that you think are a good fit for you, bookmark them so that you can return to them in the future. You will soon have a pretty extensive list of contest and sweepstakes sites, and you can start visiting them every day to look for new opportunities to win.

There are some reliable ways to makes sure that the sites you are bookmarking are legitimate and won’t try to cheat you. First of all, never participate in a site that asks you for any credit card or bank account information. There are plenty of free stuff, contests and sweepstakes offers online that don’t require any kind of financial commitment from you. If a site asks you to pay money or provide credit card information, it’s best to keep it off of your bookmarks and keep searching.

Some sites may ask you for information such as your email address or website address. This request is a bit more reasonable, but be sure that the site has policies in place that won’t lead to your information being given to other parties. Many online contests or sweepstakes require that you provide an email address so that you can be contacted when you win free stuff, but don’t allow the site to spam your inbox with unrelated offers and emails.

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