Smart Shoppers Look for Verizon FiOS Deals

If you are looking for the best deals in home or office entertainment and/or communication then you need look no further than Verizon FiOS. FiOS is the nation’s largest consumer grade fiber optic network that is capable of delivering several times the bandwidth of conventional metal wires thanks to the power of pure fiber optics. That’s right, no longer is fiber optic networking just something that the big network carriers use, it is available for the first time right to your door and that in and of itself is a bargain because nothing can even come close to competing!

Pure fiber optics enable massive amounts of data to move to and from your residence or business, and this in turn provides a great deal on anything that uses data to provide communications or entertainment. This includes digital cable, digital telephone (VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol Services), and of course broadband performance. While Verizon FiOS offers industry leading features in each of these fields, it is the fusion of these services that make FiOS so amazing.

The ability to get caller ID information on your TV set enables you to use your controller to send an annoying person to voicemail rather than miss a second of your show, or maybe you do need to take the call and so you want to start the DVR process immediately. Either way, FiOS has you covered. Moreover, the on-screen apps fuse data based add-ons to your favorite television, and the ability to remotely manage both your crystal clear unlimited long distance phone service and DVR remotely from the web is truly amazing to the point where other carriers are starting to imitate while Verizon continues to innovate.

Just because FiOS is completely awe inspiring does not mean that you should pay too much for it. As with all things, value is benefit divided by cost!

Verizon FiOS Deals Basics: Get Your Bundle On and Save Big Bucks!

Easily the most common way people can save a great deal of money on Verizon FiOS’s fiber optic powered services is through bundling. Bundling is when you use one or more of the fiber optic services that Verizon FiOS offers. As previously mentioned, bundling services enables each service to somehow augment the other in a truly unique way, but there is additional value as there is a discount offered for each service bundled when you compare them to being purchased alone.

One consideration when shopping for bundles is that you generally see different tiers of service offered. That is to say that typically you will end up with offerings that tend to be on the lower end of all spectrums involved, in the middle ground of all possible services, or the top of the line services. You can almost always simply add additional tiers of an individual service if you discover that you want only a baseline level of service in one or two of the other fiber optic fueled services.

A good guideline for shopping for Verizon FiOS bundles is to look carefully at your needs and wants in each of the potential categories and start by getting a bundle that meets your needs. Next see what a la carte upgrades are for any other services that you need in any particular category or want, and see if they are more expensive than simply upgrading to a higher level bundle. When all is said and done, measure these costs against the competition and you will see that you are already saving big bucks! That is the price saving magic of fiber optic bundles!

Verizon FiOS Deals Online

Once you have a firm grasp on the basics of how bundles work in regards to the nation’s leading fiber optic entertainment and communication network, you will be a major step ahead when it comes to promo codes and discount offerings. Essentially these codes and offerings are not unlike coupons in that they have expiration dates, are good only for certain services and/or goods, and may come with other stipulations. These coupon codes are usually used at the time of checkout in order to get the best deal, but some are just special links to special ‘invite only’ shopping sessions.

Expiration dates can be a good thing, so don’t think of them as a negative at all. Instead, think of expiration dates as an opportunity to see what comes next if what you want is not currently offered on discount. On the other hand, if what you have is currently offered on discount with some sort of special code that you would use at the time of checkout then by all means shop away right now!

Often stipulations will require the purchase of certain packages and/or certain types of hardware. Be sure to read carefully to ensure that you completely and totally understand what is expected of you in order to get the full discount price.

Shop for Verizon FiOS Deals at Specific Times

There are really a few good times to consider shopping for Verizon FiOS services that stand out head and shoulders above the rest in terms of raw value: whenever the service receives a major upgrade in your area and/or in and around a holiday or other promotional season.

Verizon periodically updates and improves it fiber optic service in order to offer the best possible service. After all, there is a reason that everyone imitates and Verizon innovates! That being said, when new service tiers come out Verizon is typically keen to either drive prices down on existing services that are now considered to be a lower-tier or to try to attract new customers to the fold by giving them a great deal on the new fiber optic experience.

Some seasons are also better than others for shopping. Just like any other company, Verizon has its up- and down-seasons, and you can take advantage of that cycle by being sharply attuned to their business model. Just like other vendors, Verizon tends to realize that the holidays are a hard market to play in because everyone is spending money on gifts and no matter how awesome the fiber optic infused services are, it is hard to offer FiOS as a present.

Don’t Forget Wireless

While not technically part of a FiOS bundle as it is not truly a fiber optic service, you can often find additional deals if you bundle Verizon wireless services. This is a great way to get top tier wireless service on one of the nation’s biggest and best wireless networks while also staying perfectly well connected and very well entertained at home. There’s no denying that going for a four-way pseudo fiber optic bundle is the way to go for ultimate savings! You might even find some great promo codes or advertisements that include great deals on the latest phones and/or tablets!

Further Verizon FiOS Reading

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Bringing it all Together Now: Verizon FiOS Deals in a Nutshell

The long and the short of it all is that Verizon FIOS deals are a combination of great services that are already unmatched, but can be see their value extended greatly by smart bundling, online promo and/or discount codes, knowing when to shop, and perhaps even taking advantage of other Verizon services.